Faculty of Social and Human Sciences derives from the merging of Faculty of Journalism and Faculty of Arts, along with the inclusion of several study programs from Faculty of Sociology and Psychology and Faculty of International Relations, History and Philosophy.

Currently, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences features 5 bachelor study programs in 4 fields (see GD 376/2016 and H.G. 654/2016):

-          Communication Sciences: Journalism FT (100 seats),

-          History: Archives Management FT (75 seats);

-          Sociology: Human Resources FT (75 seats),

-          Music: Music FT (60 seats), Music PT (50 seats).

Similarly, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences provides 4 master study programs in 3 fields (see GD 402/2016):

-          Communication Sciences (50 seats): Mass-Media and Communication in Sport FT; International Communication and Public Diplomacy FT.


-          Music (50 seats): Musical Art FT.